Just a note to let you know that I received the sun protection straw hat from you in good shape. It is just what I had hoped for. Thanks for your careful packaging. 


I recently lost my Stefeno hat and I'd like to get a replacement. Looking at your website catalog, I see that my lost hat appears to be the Ricardo model. Mine was Charcoal color and xxl. Your hats are the best. I frequently got compliments on it. Fit perfectly and looked so good. I'd love to get a new one




Hi, do you know what type of hat was ll cool j wearing the night of the Grammys of 2014, I think it was a stefeno but don't know what type

(our response -YES  -  LL Cool J has been wearing the Stefeno Jose Ivy in black to several of the award programs


I am the customer who purchased the size L bleached Primo 2 Panama for my husband last month. He absolutely adores it and wants a second one while they are still available.


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